Download XAMPP For Windows

Download xampp for windows, it works as an online server or hosting where you can run your website easily without any expense. It is very easy to setup or install Apache distribution for windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux. In this package, it includes an Apache web server, a FTP server, phpMyAdmin, PHP and Perl. XAMPP online server is designed as anyone can know little bit about it can handle it very easily. The only issue which we can see is that it is very easy to setup and it doesn’t have the security features for this to be used as a production server. Click below button to download xampp for windows.

download xampp for windows

By: Apache Friends
File Size: 156.03 MB
Requirements: All windows
License: Open Source
Updated: 29/04/2022

XAMPP gives you Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin database tool, Mercury mail server, FTP server and Perl completely free. You can easily configure these services with XAMPP. You can host your website on it by putting your files in its folder and run it. It works as online servers. You can configure of design your website easily with XAMPP. We suggest you to use XAMPP for your projects before going to live or you can check your website preview here before live to the public.

Overall, XAMPP is a best tool for you if you are looking to get a complete development server up and running within quick time control.

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