HMA! Pro VPN 4.2.129 Free Download

HMA! Pro VPN is one of the leading internet encryption services that secure your privacy. By using VPN (Virtual Private Network) one can surf the web from anywhere anonymously and safely. Whenever you are online just like now and not using the VPN software, you are about to expose yourself. Anyone can see what you just searched for, your personal information, banking detail all to be exposed without VPN software. Customers from all over the world and businesses connect to HMA Pro VPN servers to tunnel their internet connections through HMA Pro VPN servers to achieve increased security and privacy.


By: HideMyAss VPN
License: Commercial (Buy Now)
File Size: 15.21MB
Requirements: Windows All
Version: 4.2.129
Languages: Multiple Languages

Key Features of HMA Pro VPN:

  • Unauthorized access: Users rely on HMA VPN’s service to encrypt their internet connection. By using this hackers could be stopped to access at sensitive data. This encryption is commonly used for open WI-FI networks.
  • For censorship: Now a days many users, use HMA VPN’s servers to bypass the internet censorship. Its similar to web proxy being used for censorship bypass of any book, film, news etc. Whereas VPN’s are far more flexible as compared to the web proxy, as it tunnels the entire internet connection instead of just the web browser traffic. That’s why there are never rendering issue and all content will function as they should do. It cause speed faster too because of larger networks of servers being operated in more than 160 countries, it has the ability to setup the virtual private network on actual routers that are the third-party devices and this enables to bypass the censorship without any issue. Moreover it does not require the additional configuration.
  • Privacy and anonymity: VPN service protects the customer’s privacy and enables them to enjoy anonymity on the internet. Unlike the web proxy this VPN service effects all applications installed on a computer instead of just the web browser. Due to which the customer enjoy the secure entire internet connection instead of just the browser’s traffic.
  • VPN technologies: Various technologies that being utilized by HMA included open/VPN (UDP/TCP). PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. Each time the customer connects to HMA, VPN’s server they are assigned a unique IP address. The total amount of simultaneous connections that can support are equal to the total numbers of IP address that they offer.

Along with HMA Pro VPN, there is also the client of Mac platform and there is the command line platform for LINUS community. Mobile users are not left out either they can get this with the app of Android or IOS from google play and Apple app store.

HMA! Offers the unique and market leading coverage with all over 750+ servers in 280+ locations across 200+ countries providing 250000+ subscribers with all over 2800+ IP addresses. HMA Pro VPN is offers multiple languages beside this it give you an excellent technical support from HMA! Pro VPN customer service team 24 hour in a day.

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