Free Chatbots for WordPress Plugin

Free chatbots for WordPress – are you looking for this plugin to download free? Then cheers you are at right place. By using this plugin you can engage your customers easily by answering their queries automatically by using this live chatbots plugin for your WordPress website.

This Live-Chat-Bot recognizes duplicate questions and can provide their answers, which are generated automatically. You never have to answer a question twice. This is a Live-Chat has the ability to learn, it can remember your answers. Here you can Free chatbots for WordPress plugin files in just one click.

chatbot wordpress

By: weedesign_de
License: Free
File Size: 266KB
Date added: 17 August 2020

Key Features of Free Chatbot For WordPress:

  • Save time of your support team.
  • Events questions and answers.
  • Get answer via email.
  • No message get loss.
  • Cross domain chat option.
  • Multiple design.
  • Post / Page related answers.
  • Easy to manage from backend.
  • Allow users to take Screenshots.
  • Upload files option.
  • Predefined answers.
  • Track online Users.
  • Protect your Bot from Spam by activating Spam Protect in the Settings.
  • Multi language translation.
  • You can show the Support-Chat only to logged in visitors.

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