Best Android Apps For You In 2022

You have bought a new Android Mobile phone, switched it on, create the accounts, completed verification, signed-in the built-in apps like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all, but you still have a lot of space left on your phone and you want some interesting applications to fill in this gap but confused. Here, we will tell you the best Android Apps for your phone! Through which you will have something good and reliable on your phone, and your phone will become a good and useful gadget for you to use in your spare time.

We have chosen Top 10 Best Android Apps for you to install on your phone!

Our top picks are:


Snapchat is an Android app (also available in IOS), in which you take snaps, you can use different filters to take snaps, and share the snaps on your story or with your friends. You can also create a group of close friends or you can share your stories publicly. You can also create a streak with your friend or friends, in which you have to send a snap to each other, hence connecting in a way!


Want your posts and stories to take on another level? Scribbl is the answer to it! It is an Android app through which you can draw animations on your Instagram or Facebook stories or post pictures. It’s a fun app and allows you to add glowing effects, and other creative effects so easily on your pictures or posts and making them different and classy from others.


Who doesn’t know Netflix now? Netflix is an app through which you can watch movies, TV shows, dramas, documentaries, and all in one place, in high quality without a lot of buffering. It has all that stuff in one place which YouTube has in parts and in low quality sometimes. The performance of this application is so fine, making it one of the most downloaded apps. You can also download the interested things in your app and watch it later.


Spotify is a music app where you have access to a huge collection of music from all over the world. In the free version, it just shows some ads, otherwise, a very less amount has to be paid to get the premium version of Spotify, without any ads! Get notified of any of your favorite band’s releases and customized playlists can also be created.


Soundcloud is an online music streaming platform. Here you can stream all sorts of music without any ads or buffering. Soundcloud has music on it from all over the World. You can create playlists, add music to your likes, and get recommendations based on your likes, follow friends or other artists and so much more! It’s a great app for music lovers.

6. Feedly

Want yourself keep updated from news all over the World? Feedly is here for you! It is a mobile application in which you get to know the news from different trusted sources and it also connects with your social media accounts so that you may share the news there too! It gets updated with time and also keeps updating the news with them. It is free and easy to use. You can download it on your android mobile phones or desktops as well.


If you are a sports lover, then you must have this application on your phone! ESPN is a well-known sports channel and it has launched its application to keep the people updated by going sports every time. Obviously, you can’t pick your television with you anywhere you go, so if you have an internet connection on your mobile device and ESPN installed on your phone, all the problem is sorted out! It will keep you updated with scores and sports anytime, anywhere.


PINTEREST is an application that has all the informative and creative content presented in the form of pictures, smaller scale videos and GIFs, on World Wide Web. If you are looking for creative ideas, hobbies, small cooking videos, tips and tricks, hacks, DIYS, planning a trip, or looking for fashion or fitness tips, you will find everything on Pinterest! In short, we can say that it’s an all in one pack! And a must have on your Android mobile. You can also save anything from Pinterest or can also download the needed things on your phone.


You are a book lover? Or a reading lover? But don’t you have enough time to go and stroll in book stores? Kindle is your go to! It is an online e-book store, where you can get a huge collection of books, from classics to moderns, all in one place. It has a wide range of books, almost all genres and age groups. So your ids can also have their favourite books on it. Search for a book, download it in your Kindle app or read it online, we got a solution for your reading habit!


Duolingo is a mobile app where you can learn different languages in a creative and fun way! You can learn as many languages as you want. You can set a level and there you go! It teaches you all your skills, i.e. reading, speaking, listening, etc. takes tests as well and tell your language level to you after every test. You can learn not only one but multiple languages at a time on this application. You can also add friends and make your learning to another level with your friends.

We have mentioned our picks of the top 10 Best Android Apps.

We have chosen these apps on the basis of their nature, use, creativity and what kind of entertainment they provide to the users. Our main focus was to feature those mobile apps, which can be used in a productive and fruitful way. Some of the apps are those which provide entertainment, and yes,it’s mandatory for a person to keep its mind fresh! So why not to get them on your phone.

There are so many other applications for gaming like steam, XBOX, for cooking like Tasty, Food Network, food buzz, Tumblr, for to make yourself laugh, vines, Reddit and so many more which are great for your android mobile phones but these are our top picks and they will help you in spending your time on your phone in a useful, creative, productive and fun way.

These will help you in interacting with people, developing useful habits, or help you in choosing a healthy hobby.

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