3G Watchdog Pro v1.18.2 apk

3G Watchdog Pro is an advanced and powerful Android application that helps you monitor your mobile data usage and prevent overage charges. With version 1.18.2, this app has been optimized for better performance and user experience.

This app provides you with accurate and detailed information about your mobile data usage, including daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics. It also allows you to set usage alerts and limits, so you never have to worry about exceeding your data plan. Download this essential apk today and start managing your mobile data like a pro.

Download 3G Watchdog Pro android apk

By: Watchdog
License: Free
File Size: 1.78 MB
Updated: 25/01/2023

Key Features of 3G Watchdog Pro:

  • Accurate and detailed mobile data usage statistics
  • Set usage alerts and limits to avoid overage charges
  • Sleek and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced features such as custom data plans and export data usage reports
  • Monitor multiple SIM cards
  • Real-time monitoring of data usage
  • Option to exclude certain apps from data usage tracking
  • Support for both mobile and Wi-Fi data usage
  • Customizable widgets for quick and easy access to data usage information
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Android devices.

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